Studio Policies

Tuition Policy
Attendance Policy
Dress Code
Studio Rules

Tuition Policy

  • Tuition is non-refundable. No exceptions
  • Tuition will be charged to your debit or credit card on the first day of every month.
  • Payments must be made by pre-authorized automatic monthly payment plan. Learn more and complete our Credit Card Authorization Form.
  • If payment is not received by the 5th of the month a late fee of $15 will be assessed.
  • If any payment is rejected due to insufficient funds there will be a $25 NSF charge that will automatically be charged to the account on file.
  • For your convenience, tuition for a full season (40 classes) enrollment is divided into 10 equal monthly tuition payments, payable monthly from August-May.
  • Summer tuition is based on 8 weeks of classes divided into 2 payments on June 1 and July 1.
  • If you are starting mid-season your tuition will be pro-rated.
  • If a student decides to withdraw from a class a 30-day prior written notice must be provided on our Withdrawal Form.  If 30-day prior written notice is not provided, the account will continue to be due and payable.  Tuition will be adjusted for the next month’s payment. No refund will be given for withdrawn classes.
  • In the event of a withdrawal prior to the completion of the season, tuition will be recalculated based upon the number of classes scheduled from the time of enrollment to the time of withdrawal and additional tuition may be then due and payable to the Studio.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a class at any time. In the event that a class is canceled either a make up lesson will be scheduled or a credit will be applied to your account at the discretion of Dance 101.  No make-ups can be made for a missed class that has been credited.
  • Sibling discounts, multiple class discounts and referral rates are offered. Please check our specials page.

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Attendance Policy

  • Students are expected to attend class regularly and in the appropriate dress.
  • Tuition is non-refundable and will not be pro-rated due to missed classes. No exceptions.
  • Make-ups can be made in a class of similar curriculum only by the student who was absent for the class. Specialty classes such as camps and parents night out are exempt from make ups.
  • Should a student need to attend a make-up class, please schedule with us via email, text, or a phone call.
  • Missed classes must be made up within four weeks after the absence and within the same season of enrollment (2016-2017).
  • Please check schedule page for studio breaks and closures.
  • Class sizes must always meet a minimum of 6 registered students in order for it to be held.
  • Schedules are subject to change.

Dress Code

To feel like a dancer you must look like a dancer. For the safety of your student please adhere to all dress code policies. When instructors are able to properly see alignment they can prevent injuries and incorrect habits. Dancers should wear clothing that does not have to be re-adjusted during the course of his/her class. A dancer should be able to move freely without restriction. All hair should be pulled back and secured. For safety of the dancers dangling jewelry is not allowed.

Parent/Child Classes
Comfortable clothing that both parent and child can move freely in. Socks or bare feet are okay.

First Dance Classes
Dance attire and ballet shoes are not required but permitted, otherwise comfortable clothing you can move freely in with socks or bare feet.

Ballet/Jazz/Tap/Contemporary Classes
Fitted clothing (preferably traditional dance attire) for the instructor to see appropriate alignment and posture. Please note that jean shorts are not dance attire. Footed tights are highly recommended to protect the feet from blisters.  Proper shoes are required for all classes. Contemporary dancers may wear ballet or jazz shoes.

Acro Classes
Fitted clothing (preferably a leotard) with no skirts, dresses, or attached skirts.  Hair must be put completely up (i.e. braid). Dancers must be bare footed.

Ballet 101 and 201 Classes
In Ballet 101 and 201 it is preferred that students wear proper ballet attire. This includes footed tights, leotard, and hair pulled back in a tight bun. Ballet skirts are welcome.

Urban Classes
Urban dance involves high-energy movement and floor work. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Feel free to express yourself, but please do not wear anything you wouldn’t wear to school or an interview (i.e. tiny spandex shorts, exposed midriff, sagging shorts with exposed underwear). Shoes, sneakers or “kicks” should be flat on bottom (try not to wear running shoes, they are harder to move around in). Please carry in your Urban shoes and only wear them in the studio keep the dance floor clean and free from debris.

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Please go over these rules with your children and others who will be visiting our studio prior to class. Instructors and staff reserve the right to remove students, parents, siblings or other persons from the studio if any of the policies are not being adhered to.

Student Expectations

  • Have fun!
  • Be respectful of other people, places, and things
  • Keep all belongings with you and pick up after yourself
  • Only wear dance shoes within the studio
  • Behave in a safe and cautious manner
  • Arrive to class on time
  • Keep hands to yourself
  • Use walking or dancing feet only
  • Use the restroom before class
  • You must stay in the studio until your parent comes to pick you up
  • Bullying (whether verbal or physical) will not be tolerated

Studio Rules

  • Only water in the studio, please no other food, drink or gum
  • Leave outside shoes at the door
  • Use equipment properly (i.e. ballet barres, mirrors, and props)
  • Be respectful of other people, places, and things

Waiting Area Rules

  • Please refrain from waving or communicating with your child through the windows during class
  • Keep voices low and pleasant
  • Walking feet only
  • Keep all belongings with you and pick up after yourself
  • Please use the restroom to change diapers
  • Be respectful of other people, places, and things

Parent Guidelines

  • Bring students to class on time and pick them up promptly
  • Supervise children in the waiting area at all times
  • Make sure your child has used the restroom before class
  • Check your email and studio website regularly for all notices and important studio information
  • Be respectful of other people, places, and things

Teacher Feedback and Corrections

The instruction of Dance may require physical manipulation of a student by the instructor. This physical manipulation will occur only when assisting the student in the proper alignment and execution of steps or poses.

Personal Property

Dance 101 is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Personal items left behind are placed in the lost and found bin. The bin will be emptied intermittently.