Stars Program

Parent/Child Creative Movement (45 min) Ages 1-6
Parent/Child Creative MovementEnjoy movement, music, and fun while learning the elements of dance. Explore the ways in which we move in a creative learning environment. Everyone should be ready to move in comfortable clothing and bare feet. Parents must participate. This class is great for special needs children, please call for more info. You may register up to two children with one adult. The parent and each child attending this class need to be registered students of the class. 

First Dance Class (45 min) Ages 2-4
First Dance ClassGet a jump start on your skills by learning the fundamental elements of dance. Students will be taught beginning steps and classroom etiquette through exercises and a variety of movement based games. This class is taught to young children who are ready for dance lessons without a parent. This class is great for special needs children, please call for more info. Wear comfortable clothing (dance attire optional).

Ballet/Tap Combo Class (60 min) Ages 3-6
Combo Dance ClassesStudents will pair ballet and tap technique in this class utilizing barre work, center choreography, locomotor movements and rhythmic activities. To enhance these disciplines the elements of dance will be woven throughout the lesson plans. Proper shoes and attire required.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo Class (75 min, 90 min) Ages 5-10
Students will learn the technique of ballet, tap, and jazz through stretching, rhythmic activities, barre work, center choreography, and locomotor movements. In addition, the elements of dance will be incorporated throughout the lesson plan. Proper shoes and attire required.

Comets Classes (60 min, 90 min) Ages 9-11
Students with prior dance experience will learn these techniques through stretching, rhythmic activities, center choreography, and locomotor movements. In these classes students will begin to fine tune their technical skills and perfect their performance qualities. Proper shoes and attire required.

Urban Classes (45, 60 min) Ages 4-11
Kids Urban Dance ClassesUrban dance (more commonly known as “street” dance or “hip-hop” dance) is a genre of movement on the cutting edge of athleticism, rhythm, and creativity. Urban dance encompasses a variety of street styles, the most common styles being; break-dancing (“bboying” or “bgirling”), popping, locking (funk), housing, and waacking. The dynamic movement styles of urban dance can be seen in many popular television shows, music videos, and movies. In class, students will be taught the fundamental principals and techniques of urban dance styles. This includes practicing drills, learning choreography, and reaching towards the ability to improvise and freestyle. These high-energy movement practices will be explored in every class. Students will get active, build self-esteem, increase flexibility, sharpen the mind, and most importantly; embrace their individuality!

Acro (45 min) Ages 4-11
Students will learn basic tumbling skills while enhancing flexibility, strength, balance and muscle control. Forward rolls, cartwheels, walkovers, headstands, handstands, and backbends. Build your dancers confidence and broaden their skill set with acro.

Pom (45 min) Ages 6-8
Students will learn pom technique through jumps, tumbling and precision based movements. They will gain strength and flexibility along with the understanding of how to work together as a team.