My girls, ages 2 and 4 have been dancing with Ms Emily for over a year and I’ve seen them learn and improve so much in that time! Her classes are developmentally appropriate for them, but also offer them opportunities to practice new, more complex skills. She has high, positive expectations for every child in class and offers them a friendly and nurturing environment for dancing and learning. My 2 year old enjoys her class games; little does she know she is strengthening the mind/body connection. My 4 year old is even teaching me the names of her dance steps in French! Ms Emily has fostered a love of dance in my girls which I see them carry over into their “home recitals”. I’d highly recommend her classes!

Holly S.

My daughter began dance lessons with Miss Emily shortly before her 3rd birthday. I was immediately impressed with Emily’s class structure and knowledge of her young learners. The class was fast paced and age appropriate. The children were actively engaged throughout the duration of class. As my daughter has continued working with Emily, her coordination, confidence, and dance knowledge have improved. I really appreciate how Emily has increased the complexity of the content in her dance instruction to meet the increasing maturity and comprehension abilities of these young dancers. Miss Emily is an excellent dance instructor with a solid understanding of how children learn, and this is reflected in the level of success achieved by her students.

Cara D.

My son Kaiser has been a dancer since birth and I could not have chosen a better outlet for him than DANCE 101 with Ms. Emily! It has been such a joy to watch Kaiser learn and grow with his peers while receiving excellent dance education. I can see a huge benefit already in Kaiser’s balance and hand eye coordination which has improved his skills in all other sports and physical activities. I personally am looking forward to taking her adult dance classes in the near future as her passion for dance and fitness is contagious! DANCE 101 is top notch!

Nichole S.

I am writing to tell about the extraordinary attention my daughters, Amira and Kameron, have received at Dance with Ms. Emily under the guidance and tutelage of Emily Finch. Both of my daughters started dancing at the age of 2. Emily introduced and opened a world of dance to them by encouraging, complimenting, modeling, and asking them to pretend they were a princess, a mouse, a bunny, a feather, etc. The tiny dancers learn the fundamentals, but also get to express their own creativity in movement, aided by fun and inspiring props. If someone is looking to give a gift to a young child, I highly recommend taking classes at Dance with Ms. Emily. She is caring and loving towards every child as well as being inspiring, warm, funny, and obviously dedicated to the creative beauty and refined precision of dance. She knows how to work with girls and boys who know what they want and those who need encouraging. Her interpersonal skills with both parent and child are exemplary. The classes welcome parents to be there and observe which helped my daughters feel comfortable when they were getting started. I feel very grateful to have discovered this remarkable studio, and look forward to many more years of being part of it!

Krista F.

We enrolled in the Parent/Child Creative Movement class with our 21 month old daughter, Lily, last session and are so excited to continue dance classes! Lily is a great age for the Creative Movement class. She learns the routine quickly thanks to the wonderful examples from Ms. Emily. At home, not a day goes by that Lily isn’t trying to imitate something she has seen in dance class – shaking her toothbrush like a shaker, singing the “hello” song to her stuffed animals, telling us “until we dance again” from her car seat! Ms. Emily’s enthusiasm and excitement during class is contagious. We love the way Lily watches her, us, and the other dancers with anticipation. We highly recommend the Creative Movement class for toddlers!

Missy T.

We have taken ballet through the city, and although it is cheaper than Ms. Emily, the quality of the lesson with Ms. Emily far exceeds the quality my daughter received with her class through the city. I should have saved the money I spent on the city classes and enrolled with Ms. Emily sooner!

Cypress A.

My four year old daughter loves attending Ms. Emily’s dance class. Ms. Emily has a wonderful relationship with the children. She is able to maintain their attention and teach them different dance poses and moves in ways that keep the children engaged. I am so grateful to have found such a valuable class at a reasonable price. I would encourage any parent to bring their child and try out the class.

Diana W.

My girls love dance and it is all thanks to Ms. Emily. They love the fun and creative activities so much that they do them at home, at the supermarket, at the doctor’s office, you get the picture. Our entire pediatrician’s office knows how to do a grande jete. My girls like learning how to dance, but as a mom, I like that they are also strengthening their muscles, improving their coordination, and learning to listen and follow instructions. We are so grateful to have an instructor that works so well with young children and truly fosters a love for dance to use as a foundation for their future dance education.

Terri L.

I wholeheartedly recommend DANCE 101 to anyone with young children. Since starting classes with Ms. Emily at age two-and-a-half, my daughter Grace has developed a love for dance. Week after week, Grace counts down the days until dance class. Ms. Emily’s passion and love for teaching dance to young children is obvious. Her gentle, child-centered approach, patience, and playful attitude leave her students feeling valued, respected, and proud of their ever increasing competence after every class. I am so thankful to have found such an amazing program for my daughter and look forward to the day my one-year-old and I start the parent/child dance class together!

Jennifer D.

We love Ms Emily’s DANCE 101. Ms Emily is so kind and patient. My daughter loves her.  She learns so much in Ms Emily’s dance class and has to perform all her dance moves for everyone we know.   Not to mention she “takes a bow” after she does anything well.

Mallory F.


Our twins, John & Elisa, greatly benefit by taking Ms. Emily’s classes. They both really enjoy the dance class and often ask for it on other days. Besides the typical benefits of dance training such as increased coordination, better balance, and rhythm, our son has improved his performance in other sports as a consequence of taking the dance classes. Our daughter has greatly improved her body awareness and is more graceful in her movement. Ms. Emily is terrific at making it fun for the children to follow her directions in dance class. This has made it easier for us at home because the children are more willing to follow directions without a problem. For example, we sing the Clean-Up Song and they pick up their toys and it becomes fun. We highly recommend Ms. Emily’s dance classes to other parents.

Carmen E.